Brent's Gruntle

This is not a blog. It's really just where I put stuff that I think someone else (not necessarily you - but someone...) might want to see on various topics. Enjoy (or not).

On Terminals - This is how I customize my terminal based environment in UNIX environments.

On My Firewall - This is how I configure iptables on my home gateway for providing NAT to the rest of my network, and securely letting me get in from the outside.

On Internet Hosting - How I split up various Internet hosting related duties between different free services and my home systems.

On Netgear Switches - I needed to expand my wired home network and also wanted 10GBE. This is how I solved that problem.

On P2V of Windows 7 to Proxmox - How I moved a Windows 7 install to my Proxmox VE server.

On What Powers This Site - How I author this site, and a bit of a trip down memory lane of how it worked in the past.

On Minatures and Wargaming - I paint little soldiers and sometimes play games with them.

On Upgrading a Comcast Cable Modem - Some background information on how the modem upgrade process works for Comcast in case you don't follow their assumed setup.

On Quieting snmpd Logging Under Systemd - snmpd logs every connection and that's annoying. How to fix it changed with systemd and this is how to do it now.

On Two Buttons - I made a little box with two buttons that lets me control my Tivo and Kindle when I'm using my rowing machine without taking my hands off the handle. You can make your own too.

On Offensive Quotes from a Cow, Every Morning - A little fun I have with xcowsay and offensie fortunes.

On Adventures in NUMA and HyperThreading - I had to mess with CPU pinning and got neck deep in NUMA and HyperThreading. Welcome to the deep-end.

On My Domain Names - Some domain names I've owned over the years.

On Caps Lock - How to make caps lock another control key in a reliable manner, especially if modifier keys stop working with VMware Player / Workstation.

On Systemd and DNS - Linux's stub resolver has been pretty basic for too long. Systemd brings some capabilities to make it better, and I show how I use it here.

Did you end up here via a link from another site, or perhaps from a search engine? Chances are that you were trying to reach a page on my old blog that doesn't exist any longer, and I redirected you here instead. Sorry about that... hopefully you find something fun to read anyways. I do keep an eye on my server logs to watch for HTTP referers that land here in case I should put something up better, but that won't help you right now.