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I'm a big dork, and part of that is that I like to paint little soldiers mostly of a fantasy nature. Sometimes I even play games with them - but mostly I just paint them and pose them on a shelf and look at how cool they are. It's mostly related to Warhammer Fantasy Battles tabletop game and Games Workshop / Citadel / Marauder Miniatures (especially what I consider "classic figures" from 4th and 5th edition), but there's some other random stuff too.

Here are some photos of my work.

Orcs and Goblins

Classic Morglum Necksnapper Riding a Wyvern - These are bits from two different 4th edition kits, as Morglum was mounted on a war boar, and the Wyvern is from the classic Azhag the Slaughterer box. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Night Goblin Spearmen - This is a set of night goblin spearmen from the 7th edition WHFB boxed game along with a few other goodies: a limited edition doublewide model of two night goblins flinging a fanatic headfirst out of the unit, a classic 4th ed netter model, as well as a plastic netter from the 7th ed timeframe. [1] [2]

Forest Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider - I've had this model for a few years ago and had always intended to paint it up as a potential warboss for my goblins but just hadn't got it done. Well the urge hit me recently and I got it to a usable state. I now have an appreciation for how difficult it is to paint the color yellow. [1]

Orc Boar Boyz - I have actually had the bulk of these mostly done for at least 5 years now, so when I started painting again lately I took the opportunity to add a few more models, make a few touchups here and there on the others, give them some nice bases, and add a movement tray as a fast way to finish off a nice unit. These are "classic" models in that they've been replaced at least once since they were released, though there are older ones still. The leader is a kitbash of a rider from the 7th edition Wyvern kit with a head and axe-arm from a black orcs sprues (I got the model for pennies but it was just the body. [1]

Goblin Infantry - These are a mix of 4th / 5th edition pewter models and a bunch that I picked up from a Kickstarter that I backed. I think that all the models were sculpted by Kev Adams but I'm not positive. In any case, these have a really great classic feel to them. Now that I have them, I think they're the first unit of "vanilla" goblins that I've put together since the old 4th edition monopose spearmen (of which still I have like a hundred...). [1]

Night Goblin Squig Herd - A fun mix of classic ~4th edition squigs and teams with prodders, some ~7th edition squigs with musicians and single herders, as well as some "Bushwoolies" (the furry little guys) from Tom Meier's now defunct Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures line. I think that they fit together well. I don't have any of the current generation of squigs because I just don't like the models. This is the first entirely pewter unit that I've painted... ever? [1] [2] [3] [4]

Goblin Spearmen - When I was assembling the Goblin Infantry above I had the choice of making one big unit of mixed goblins with hand weapons and spears, or separating them out into two units. Since I really don't use these for gaming these days, I went with two units even though a bigger mob probably would be better in a game - and these are the models with spears from that mix. My friend Nate gave me a pair of pewter models from Heartbreaker a few years ago, and I picked up a few more plastic models from the same line from Impact Miniatures. Plus some GW models - can you pick out the monopose 4th edition model in the back row? I stuck him in there to bring the unit up to 15 models which ranks up well. 1

Orc Big 'Uns - Another mix of models from various manufacturers and generations that I think turned out really well! The guy in the front is a Warhammer 4th ed orc big boss named Gorfang Rotgut - I've had that model for ~25 years unpainted until now! There are a handful of even older GW orc bosses mixed in as well, some of which I've had about as long and some picked up over the years through various group lots on eBay. The 3 guys with the same pose and the spiky clubs are actually GW orc big 'uns. There are 2 Black Tree Design "dark orc warriors" (I don't really care for these sculpts and don't know how I got them - but they blend in well enough). There's also an orc for sale from the Frothers Unite site as well as a handful of the beefier orc warriors sculpted by Kev Adams for Heartbreaker which are presently distributed by Impact Miniatures. 1 2

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