Book Review: Zeroes by Chuck Wendig

Overall Impressions

I read this immediately after I read The Computer Connection completely at random. I forgot that I bought it a while back, and didn't remember what it was about - and it ended up having a very similar plot to the book that I had just read and didn't enjoy - but I am glad to report that this is much better!

It takes place in more or less the current day. The internet is ubiquitous and the internet-of-things is pervasive - and the connected nature of everything coupled with a runawawy artificial intelligence makes for a fun story where a group of hackers attempts to thwart the AI before it effectively hacks humanity.

The Good

The characters get built pretty quickly and then the author moves right into the main plot arc. Things move pretty quickly with a good mix of technical details (that honestly weren't terrible), action, and drama.

The Bad

The author takes an odd turn at one point towards the end with some biohacking. I dunno - when Gibson did it in Neuromancer it didn't seem hokey - maybe because the future he based his book in was so far out - but this seemed a bit much here.

Final Thoughts

3.5/5 - This book was better than average but not great. I'll read more like it. Even with the biohacking bit it was still decent.