Book Review: In Calabria by Peter Beagle

Overall Impressions

Another book that was floating around on my Kindle and I'm not sure how I acquired it (maybe a humblebundle at some point?). Anyways, it was short so I read it over a few evenings.

It's a story about unicorns. I may not have read it had I known that before hand. I mean, unicorns are kick-ass and all, but I may have left it be.

The Good

It's short - and the author does a good job of not trying to explain unicorns to everyone. As much as this was a story about some unicorns, that's really as deep as it gets into their nature.

The Bad

Why does the old man end of hooking up with the young woman?

Final Thoughts

It's a book about unicorns, and I'm not really into unicorns. 2/5 I guess?