Book Review: The Book of Dust, La Belle Sauvage, by Philip Pullman

Overall Impressions

I actually finished this book a month or so, but forgot to write up a review. I was really excited for this book considering I liked His Dark Materials so much but it took me a while to get around to actually plugging through it.

I didn't help that my wife read it first and said that it was boring. I didn't think it was boring though. Sorry Linda!

The Good

I like how Pullman didn't stretch things too far from what he did in HDM. What I mean by that is HDM really stretched things and introduced some interesting stuff such as multiple parallel (but accessible) universes and this book was true to all of that without really getting into it all - because much of what happened in HDM was supposed to be things that were just discovered or that were totally unexpected. So you can't takea prequel and have all those things happen.

I also like how Lyra's ties to the gyptians were made clear but in ways that made sense that she wouldn't really know about them while growing up. Also that she had already been through a remarkable adventure before her real story starts, and didn't even know it.

If you hate Mrs Coulter, you'll still hate her. She's the worst.

The Bad

I don't remember any mention of the (spoiler!) flood that makes up most of the book in HDM and you'd think that sort of thing would have come up at some point. Maybe it did and I just can't recall it.

Final Thoughts

I think this probably gets a 3/5. It was alright - not great, not terrible. There's nothing wrong with being a 3 out of 5. Maybe you'll like it like me, maybe you won't like my wife. But I definitely wasn't enthralled by it - and I'm definitely not dieing to read the next few though when they come out I'll probably read them.